The media in this country is so negative. Case in point: John Wilkes Booth and the Lame-Stream Media (LSM) focus on one night in his life.

Of course the usual suspects come out harrumphing and complaining, suggesting that sedition and assassination is some act of treason!

I say: What about his acting career? Yes, he may be known for that dark night in Ford’s Theater but his Richard III in Philadelphia made all the critics swoon!

What about his sage invocation of Latin? Are you actually telling me with a straight face that you already knew the phrase “Sic semper tyrannis”? Oh, pardon me there, Brutus!

What about all the presidents that John Wilkes Booth DIDN’T assassinate? That has to be mentioned, too. From Martin Van Buren through James Buchanan — it can be fairly said they all owe their lives to Booth.

How about how much he achieved in just 26 years on the planet? Are you going to be a household name living three times as long? I didn’t think so!

Lame-Stream Media only focuses on the headlines — what about the fact that he was the only member of the conspiracy to fully carry out his role in the conspiracy?

There are those who look at the black check marks on a person’s life — sleaze or myriad sexual harassment complaints or sex crimes or obstruction of justice or exploiting fear for profits or an assassination of a heroic world leader or whatever — and see only the negatives.

That’s the Lame Stream Media for you, letting their anti-slavery, anti-treason, anti-assassination bias shine through like clockwork!