Dear readers,

We took a long look at ourselves on the morning of November 9th, 2016 and we didn’t like what we saw. Like everybody else, we got it wrong. The election was our wakeup call.

Now, is more committed than ever to the highest standards of journalism. We promise to cover the truth about fast cars and boats from every perspective, liberal and conservative, white and male. We’ve been catering too much to the Rolls Royce and yacht crowd. We’re ready to listen to the station wagons and schooners.

But make no mistake, we’re not backing down in our pursuit of the capital-T Truth. We refuse to normalize the Trump administration, and we will take our place at the forefront of the #resistance with an investigative team of seasoned automotive and maritime bloggers. For the first time, has a White House press pass. Our illegitimate president will be shaking in his shoes when the writers of stories like “Five Dodge Ram Trucks That Could Squash Donald Trump Fat” and “Only Donald Trump Read This: It Turns Out Seat Belts Kill You and They Switched the Pedals in the Car” show up at his press briefings. We are a serious news outlet, even if Facebook won’t let us be part of their fact-checking cabal.

Of course, I have to address the elephant in the room. We’re all disappointed that the Pulitzer Prize Board overlooked us for the investigative journalism award again. “Ten and Two: Jared Kushner’s Woes Behind the Wheel” was a great piece, better than anything Car and Driver has ever put out. But we will keep moving forward, and we will be the first fast car- and boat-centric online publication to win a prize for our public service coverage.

I want to thank all the readers who have stepped up and supported us in this crucial time of journalistic integrity. Signups to our subscription service, Faster Cars and Boats Plus, have gone through the roof, giving us the funds we need to expand out our politics vertically. The #resist movement has been great for business, and we don’t want to see this innocuous, advertiser-friendly political movement end anytime soon.

One more thing: As we strive to speak truth to power, now more than ever, we decided it was time for a new slogan. "Spark plugs and square knots” has served us well since our founding in 2009, but our mission has changed along with the times. We considered a lot of great options, but one spoke to our identity more than any other. And so for the first time, we are proud to go by,

“The American experiment needs new brake pads.”