Thank you for choosing Spoon, the smartest piece of silverware for eating soup, rice, or cereal.

Your Spoon will be ready for use on your Chunky Bean and Ham Stew pending installation of the Version 2.1 software update.

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Please enjoy this 30-second ad for Sexy Puppy Squish Race Unlimited. To skip ad, click here after 31 seconds.

Almost ready to “Scoop.” To prove you are human, select all the squares that contain a red car.

Try again. Select all the squares that contain a diabetic.

Try again. Select all the squares that contain a concentration of the air pollutant PM2.5 exceeding the EPA’s safe exposure threshold of 35 µg/m³.

Success. You are now ready to use Spoon to “Scoop.”

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Good news. Your contacts Professor Harrison, Kevin (Accounting), and Jamie Tinder Weird are on Spoon+. Friend requests automatically sent.

Jamie Tinder Weird has accepted your friend request.

To continue, authorize Spoon+ to access your photo library.

Thank you. A random photo has been made your Spoon+ avatar.

To modify avatar, go to Settings→Spoon+→General→Social→General Settings→Privacy→Photos→General Settings→Avatar→Other Settings→General.

To continue, enable notifications to see DMs from members of your Scoop Troop™.

Jamie Tinder Weird has joined your Scoop Troop™. One unread DM.

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Great news. Spoon+ is now part of the Lockheed Martin family.

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Location shared.

Would you like to “Scoop”?

Error. Using Spoon with a compatible Fork requires updating to Fork Version 4.3. Would you like to install?