1. With a statement necklace and red pumps. It’s date night!

2. Under a velvet bomber jacket. Time for drinks with the girls!

3. Inside out and backwards. Walk of shame, baby!

4. With black tights and a black veil. Now that’s funeral chic!

5. As a nightgown. Who sleeps with a guy they met at a funeral!

6. As a skirt with the top of half of it just hanging around your waist. You’re still drunk!

7. With a T-shirt, jeans, and sweatpants. Just take the pregnancy test. You’re spiraling!

8. On your head with little holes cut out for your eyes. Guess who’s robbing a convenience store!

9. With blood splattered all over it. That did not go well!

10. With your favorite pair of sneakers. It’s the police! Run, bitch!