1. Wear my heart upon my sleeve.

2. I killed a man.

3. It happened last winter.

4. My car hit him.

5. On a winding country road.

6. He didn’t die immediately.

7. His leg was broken.

8. The bone was sticking out.

9. Blood poured into the snow-slicked road.

10. I can still hear his screams.

11. No one could know.

12. I dragged him deeper into the woods.

13. Dug my boot into the ground.

14. Made certain he would not tell anyone.

15. The air sat still in an eerie calm.

16. I watched a fawn wander into the clearing.

17. Curiously, he judged the now dead man.

18. Sniffing around his wounds, he tasted the man’s warm and salty blood.

19. I shooed him away, retreating to my PT Cruiser.

20. Are all men capable of true, pure evil?

21. My horse, my horse, my kingdom for a horse!