Thank you for joining us for a date this evening. Before we move forward in the process, we’d like you to fill out this brief survey. We’re asking all serious candidates to complete the assessment before our final decision.

1. Do I look pretty?

2. Are you just saying that because I brought it up?

3. When the bartender came over, did you put on a little voice, or do you just talk like that?

4. When I interrupted you earlier, was it endearing or annoying?

5. This dress cost me fifty-five dollars. Without using a calculator, was it worth it?

6. When I was ten, I saw a body in the woods and never said anything to anyone. Do you think it would have changed anything if I had?

7. Am I blinking too much?

8. Are you blinking enough?

9. I don’t understand your job. Summarize it in three words or less.

10. What’s your red flag?

11. What’s your real red flag?

12. I get really sweaty. Would you be willing to pretend like you never noticed that?

13. Do you like cats?

14. Did you see the movie Cats
A. In theaters?
B. On demand?
C. Not at all?

15. Please list which number date I can start complaining about my back pain:_______

16. They say love is like a river. What body of water has this date been so far?

17. Are you having fun? Why not?

18. Are we going to kiss later?

19. Circle which event is most likely:
A. I ask you to kiss me and you look uncomfortable.
B. You kiss me without asking and I feel uncomfortable.
C. You refuse to look at me and get in an Uber immediately after we leave the bar.

20. Can you at least wait until I call my Uber?

21. Oh, we’re supposed to be using Lyft?

22. Aren’t all rideshares kind of bad?

23. After this date, do we have to text a lot?

24. Do I ask for the second one?

25. Or do you?

26. Or does the bartender?

27. Is it weird if I leave my number for the bartender as a backup plan?

28. Do you think the bartender is into me?

29. If we go on a second date, can it be a place that I can brag about to friends?

30. Why won’t you follow me back on Instagram?

31. I’m allergic to peanuts. Is that a deal breaker?

32. If you don’t text me within twenty-four hours, is it irrational to block you?

33. Are you seeing other bitches, YES or NO?

34. Do you refer to women as bitches?

35. I’m allergic to something in the air but doctors aren’t sure what it is. Is that a deal breaker?

36. They say the hottest girls have stomach problems. Considering my aforementioned back pain, what adjective do I give off?

37. Did I take too long in the bathroom, or was it weirdly quick?

38. Do you wash your hands with or without soap?

39. Is this questionnaire a deal breaker?

Thank you for your participation. We will be contacting you in three to five business days or one to twenty minutes regarding the status of your application. Until then, feel free to monitor your application through our portal, the Hinge app. If we change a photo, you will know the hiring manager’s decisions.