Physiological Needs

NYC apartment co-signed by parents


James Beard awarded brunch place in alley behind Brooklyn dumpster

frayed iPhone charger

Netflix account

Artisanal butter

Safety Needs

Parent’s credit card

Instagram privacy settings

Farmer’s market

Nut milk options

Working from home

Artisanal fire wood

Love and Belonging

Snapchat stories

More nut milk

Kale smoothies

The Bachelorette/Game of Thrones

Clever hashtag w/ duck face

Esteem Needs

Vocal about politics/allergic to nuts

Soulcycle champ

Instagram followers

James Beard awarded brunch place inside a half full dumpster

Fennel seeds



Brunch inside a full dumpster on a dump truck

Tree nut and gluten allergies

Tinder nightmare rants

Protest Whole Foods/Also buy food there

Dig up your grandmother to put a snapchat filter on her

Contemplate suicide in between Hulu commercials

Swirly mustaches