Arse-cockle: A hot pimple on any part of the body.

Bawbee-jo: A lover hired to walk with a girl for a shilling or so.

Clish-ma-clashin’: Gossiping

Daddy Cloots: The Devil

Elf-girse: Grass given to cattle supposed to have been hurt by fairies.

Fike-ma-facks: Nonsense

Gardyloo: A warning cry about dirty water and household slop thrown from windows on to the streets.

Hizzie-fallow: A man who does what is considered to be the work of a housewife.

Idioticals: Things of no importance.

Jank the labour: To waste time at work.

Kacky: to void excrement.

Merry-begotten: Illegitimate.

Netty: A woman who traverses the country in search of wool.

Oy: A grandchild.

Poot-poot-poot: A call to young pigs at feeding time.

Quinkins: The scum or refuse of any liquor.

Rigwiddie-nag: A half-castrated horse.

Snoofmadrune: A lazy, inactive person, given to janking the labour.

Tinkle-sweetie: A bell formerly rung in Edinburgh at eight o’clock p.m., when shops were closed for the night.

Upsitting: An entertainment given after the recovery of a woman from childbirth.

Verter water: Water found in the hollows of tombstones and rocks, a charm for warts.

Waesuck: Alas!

Yamph: Hungry.

Zeenty-teenty: A children’s counting-out game.