Beer before liquor? Never been sicker!

Liquor before beer? You’re in the clear.

Beer before wine? The feeling’s divine!

Wine before beer? The feeling turns queer.

Wine before beer before liquor? Good for the ticker.

Wine before liquor before beer before wine again? Only amongst friends.

Vodka, then whiskey? The proposition is risky.

Tequila and weed? Godspeed!

Acid and grapefruit juice? You’re really letting loose!

Bourbon and pork chops and acid and 7-Up? Come out with your hands up!

Acid and anthills and Coca-Cola and acid and grenadine + acid? That’s too much acid, compadre!

Acid and scorched earth and no flags anymore for anyone, the overturned salt mines; you’re shaking out the salt from your pockets before six cranks of the pepper mill, Caesar’s salad engulfed in flames? There’s no one to blame, there’s no one to blame.