Dear Beyblade Metal Fusion,

First of all, thanks a lot for making me think of of the Bay City Rollers, Wesley Snipes, Slipknot and Miles Davis all at the same time! I’ve got musical jambalaya in my brain and you’re not even a musical thing; you’re a product that I’ve bought for my seven-year-old for Christmas. Not an original product mind you: just spinning tops and a plastic bowl for them to spin in. I’ve purchased $0.17 worth of plastic for $22.95 on Amazon for the simple fact that tops are no longer cool unless they have a Japanese animated television program to go along with them. Awesome. It’s not bad enough that I’ve got Pokemon, Bakugan, Yu-Gi-Oh, Yogi Bear, Baron von Munchhausen, muncha-buncha-muncha-buncha-muncha-buncha-muncha-buncha fritos go with lunch, head lice, multiplication tables, Junie-B’s sketchy grammar and the endless wait for the next Poptropica island to come out to worry about, but now I’ve got to start purchasing more love à-la-plastic crap just because you fuckers have reinvented the spinning top!

But I’m not writing to complain about your stupid product, I’m writing to complain about your stupid packaging. Do you know how hard it is for a 40-year-old parent of two to find an excuse to drink? If it weren’t for hurricanes and wrapping Christmas presents, the Yeunling in my crisper would remain there untouched until the kids graduate from college and we can finally afford to purchase a fridge that was manufactured during this century. Drinking I am and like Yoda I am typing this letter because now, three beers into it I’m confronted with your stupid packaging of your stupid Beyblade Metal Fusion bowl-and-top thing that is in a not six, but an eight-sided box! Eight! What the fucking fuck? How am I supposed to wrap this thing? What am I, a… a … thing that wraps presents and drinks all the time? Can’t you just put the stupid tops and dog bowl in a normal six-sided box so that they will be just a tiny bit easier to wrap before they are torn open and the boxes used to fill our landfills? Huh? Can you?

Jim Miller