How the Superhero Aquaman
Spends His Sundays

- - -

Aquaman, a founding member of the Super Friends, says it surprises people how much time he spends on land. “Don’t let the name fool ya — I’m still human!” His favorite place to walk is the Brooklyn waterfront. “The creation of Brooklyn Bridge Park is one of the great urban achievements of the past fifty years.” Aquaman, 95 but immortal, splits his time between Washington, D.C. and his Upper West Side walk-up, where he lives alone.

Wait, Do Fish Sleep?
Just to be clear, I’m not actually a fish. So, yes, I sleep. Just like every other human being.

Early Riser
Being a superhero isn’t a 9-to-5 type job. It’s a way of life. I’m up by 6, 6:30 am. But I’m always ready to help save humanity, provided the danger resides in the water. I’m more of a saltwater guy, but if trouble arises in a river or lake, I’m on it. To be honest, I hate the way the bottom of the lake feels on my feet. It’s gross.

I admit it. I’m addicted to my BlackBerry. First thing I reach for in the morning is my phone. I check to see if one of the Justice Leaguers texted or called. Typically, I don’t have any messages, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Fish Food
Breakfast is usually pretty light. Even immortals need to be sensible. I prefer the savory over the sweet. My Sunday breakfast is a serving of sardines on toast. Ironic, I know, but I’m addicted to them. So briny. It’s my one guilty pleasure.

Office Check In
You can’t just turn off being a superhero. After breakfast I’ll send a group text to the Justice League and see what’s going on. Sometimes it takes a long time for someone to reply, so I might send two or three follow ups. Everyone is so busy these days.

Rivalry with Black Manta
Don’t believe a lot of what you read. I know the tabloids like to make the most of our “rivalry” but honestly, we get along quite well. Manta and I go back, like, fifty years, so we understand each other. Whatever issues we had in the past, they’re buried at the bottom of the ocean. Our routine is to meet up for brunch on Sundays. I’m on the Upper West Side, he’s in Battery Park. We usually meet at Buvette for their steamed eggs. A-mazing.

Pop In to the Office
One of the benefits of superpowers is the ability to travel a great distance in a short time. If I haven’t heard back from the Justice League, I’ll swim down to Washington and head to the office. Usually only takes me 40 minutes or so in the water. If only the Acela was so quick, am I right?

Batman, the Joker
Sometimes I’ll arrive at the Hall of the Justice League and the doors will be locked from the inside. So I’ll knock for twenty minutes or so before they let me in. It never gets old. No one takes credit, but I know it’s Batman. Behind that cowl is a practical joker. Don’t let the grunts and the “Dark Knight”-schtick fool you.

A Watched Trouble Alert Never Sounds
The Trouble Alert notifies us whenever a crime is being committed or an alien lifeforce attempts to take over Earth. I usually sit right in front of the console, so I’m the first to hear the alarm. The reality is most of the crimes take place on land, which, to be honest, isn’t my specialty. Superman or Batman typically takes care of it all. But I’m ready. Semper Vigilans.

Counting Boats
After knocking around the Hall for a few hours — playing Minesweeper or Solitaire — Superman or Batman usually finds a job for me to do. Sometimes I don’t see how it stops crime, but who am I to argue with those two? They think so far ahead, so far outside the box, it’s scary. A typical job might be, “Count every boat on the Atlantic Ocean.” That’s a job that screams “Aquaman!”

Heading Home and Turning Off
Abe Sapien, Iceman, Hydroman, and I all like to meet up on Sunday nights to have a drink and catch some music. Maybe the Mercury Lounge or Don Pedros or wherever. We grab some food, talk shop and unwind before we save the world all over again.