A quick glance, barely enough
to make eye contact:

You’re an introvert. This interaction has used up the last of your emotional energy, so you’ll have to put off that phone call to your mom for another few days.

Direct eye contact, a warm hello,
and a handshake:

You’re an extrovert. You’re also Type-A, ENTJ, a go-getter, and on the path to success. Your coworkers hate you.

More than three seconds of eye contact

You want to wear this person’s skin as a coat.

Nodding your head in
acknowledgment, frowning slightly

You’re a respectable man, the bedrock of your community. Someday your closest advisor will betray you, and it will be the saddest chapter in the Viking fantasy novel that is your life.

Quickly looking down
at the ground and smiling

You’re 14, and you still think this is how flirting works.


Honey, you’ve got a lot to learn about this town.

Looking at your phone and
pretending to not see the other person

You are a coward, and we are all disgusted by your actions.

(smiling with your eyes)

Despite Tyra Banks’s claims, doctors do not recommend attempting a “smize,” as it can cause serious injury to your eyes and mouth. If you find yourself “smizing,” please seek medical attention immediately.


You were once young, cheerful, and from the Midwest. You smiled at strangers, and they smiled right back. But then you moved to New York, and suddenly the greetings weren’t reciprocated. The warmth in your heart slowly drained away, only to be replaced by a terrible emptiness. You’re trying to stay positive, but every day your smile grows a little weaker. Eventually you’ll end up just like the rest of us, glaring and bitter.

Sincere Smile

You’re a Pisces, making you automatically exempt from all forms of anxiety and depression! You go girl!