1. You wonder how much this is going to hurt.

2. You lose track of your drinking.

3. Your stomach is in knots.

4. Holy crap!

5. You keep googling possible outcomes.

6. You fear seeing red.

7. Your phone buzzes with messages from concerned friends and family.

8. The word “probe” makes you flinch.

9. You hear too much noise coming from assholes.

10. You have no idea when the results will be in.

11. People keep saying, “What a mess!”

12. There’s got to be a better, less painful way.

13. There are some very close calls.

14. The night seems like it’s never going to end.

15. Shit! Is this normal?

16. You think about how things might be better if you were somewhere else. Like Canada.

- - -

Election night coverage: 1-16
Preparing for a colonoscopy: 1 -16