“The Arizona Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that a 160-year-old near-total abortion ban still on the books in the state is enforceable, a bombshell decision that adds the state to the growing lists of places where abortion care is effectively banned.” — NBC

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1. Property Statue 32: Successions of power must follow equal primogeniture, meaning the firstborn, regardless of gender, inherits the kingdom.

2. Section 42: If any person shall willingly and knowingly be present at the fighting of any duel or aid or give countenance thereto, such person shall be punished by imprisonment in the Territorial prison for any term not exceeding three years nor less than one year.

3. Marriage Decree Law: The Eldar, an immortal Elvish race, may only marry once.

4. Section 3: All marriages of white persons with negroes or mulattoes are declared to be illegal and void.

5. Code 21: Sec. 02: Concealment of a mutant is punishable from one to five years.

6. Section 396: The following persons shall not be witnesses in a court of law: (3) Indians or persons having one-half or more of Indian blood; (4) Negroes, or persons having one-half or more negro blood.

7. Section 47: Rape, defined as “carnal knowledge of any female child under the age of ten years, either with or without her consent,” shall be punished by imprisonment in the Territorial prison for a term not less than five years, and which may extend to life. A nine-year-old does have the power to “consent” to “carnal knowledge.”

8. Acquisition by Adverse Possession; Property Law Clause 12.4: If you kill your friend to obtain property and keep it for a prolonged period, you strengthen your rights to said property, although you may go insane.

9. Code 19, Sec.05: Employing a human to perform a robot or android-related task is punishable from five to eight years.

10. Section 38: If any woman shall endeavor, privately, either by herself or the procurement of others, to conceal the death of any issue of her body, male or female, which, if born alive, would be a bastard, so that it may not come to light, whether it shall have been murdered or not every such mother being convicted thereof shall suffer imprisonment in the county jail for a term not exceeding one year.

11. Section 01: Jimping (impersonation of a judge) with the intent to commit a crime is illegal and punishable by up to ten to twenty years.

12. Section 6: Only white male citizens of the United States and white male citizens of Mexico shall be entitled to vote at all elections which are now, or hereafter may be, authorized by law.

13. The Law of the Golden Hall: Guests may not possess a weapon in the Hall of Edoras.

14. Section 14: No black or mulatto, or Indian, Mongolian, or Asiatic, shall be permitted to give evidence in favor of or against any white person.

15. Forbidden Pool Indemnity Law: The state shall not be liable for any swimmers who bathe in the Forbidden Pool, which conceals one of the two entrances to the den of the rangers of Ithilien. Punishable by death.

16. Section 84: Excusable homicide by misadventure is when a person is doing a lawful act without any intention of killing, yet unfortunately kills another; as where a man is at work with an axe, and the head flies off and kills a bystander; or where a parent is moderately correcting his child, or a master his servant, or an officer punishing a criminal, and happens to cause death.

17. Section 59d: Attempted murder of a judge is illegal. Punishable by life in an Iso-Cube without parole or death.

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Arizona: 2, 4, 6, 7, 10, 12, 14, 16
Middle-earth: 1, 3, 8, 13, 15
Judge Dredd: 5, 9, 11, 17