Block the troll you wish to avoid in your DMs.

Ship the YouTubers you wish to see make out in a Vine.

Dress for the yoga class you wish to take in the afternoon.

Drink for the hangover you wish to sleep off on Sunday morning.

Ignore social media for the Game of Thrones spoilers you wish to avoid.

Schedule your day around the brunch you wish to eat at 10 but let’s be honest it’s going to be more like 11.

Like the Facebook post about your friend’s kid’s dumb dance recital you wish to passive-aggressively mock in the comments but know you’ll just end up looking like the asshole.

Tweet for the faves you wish to see from a semi-famous follower, like maybe someone who wasn’t verified when they started following you but has since been verified.

Order the fish tacos you wish to eat from the cool new food truck that none of your friends have heard about yet and when they ask where you got them you’re like “Oh just this new food truck I know about” but you don’t tell them which one.

Punch the card you wish to fill to earn a free 16 oz frozen yogurt on your next visit, void where prohibited, some restrictions apply.