Option 1:
Sojourner Truth

- The white hat isn’t working for us — we want to see more “confidant icon,” less “angry nun.” Are there any images of her with natural curls or stylish braids?

- The tiny eyeglasses don’t say, “spend me” to us. They feel judge-y. Please remove.

- Is there a more active pose than the rocking chair? A kicky shot of her leading slaves to freedom, for example.

Option 2:
Eleanor Roosevelt

- Take in the chin. Fix teeth. Remove wrinkles.

- We like the flapper/casual look, but can we add a hint of cleavage?

- Is there a more flirty shot? Something where she’s looking directly at the camera but suggestive, like she’s thinking about correspondence with an illicit lover. Perhaps licking an envelope, playing with her pearls, putting a finger to her lips as if to say “shhh,” etc.

Option 3:
Harriet Tubman

- Her current expression reads really angry. Suggest perking up the corners of her mouth and removing stress lines from forehead.

- Are there more feminine and fierce options for the head scarf? An electric blue or fluorescent pink would add spark. Overall, should channel Grace Jones.

- Necktie is distracting and restrictive. A linen button down or boat neck tee would read more “Harriet” less “harried” on the bill.

Option 4:
Susan B. Anthony

- Wax mustache. Tighten abs. Reverse frown. Add bangs.

- Like the shot of her reading, but instead of looking at the book in her hands, let’s have her look at the camera with a rebellious smirk. She’s suffering, but she kind of likes it.

- Any shots of her frolicking in the water at Seneca Falls?

Option 5:

- LOVE the cheekbones and turquoise accent pieces.

- Can we modernize the animal skin suit? What’s the “Little Black Dress” equivalent for Native American interpreters?

- Consider buzz-worthy naked pregnancy shot.