“Capture your beauty with both hands.”

“Beauty—it’s yours. No matter WHAT.”

“Hoard your beauty like you’ve never hoarded before.”
“Take advantage of your beauty—and then convince it to stay the night, just this once.”
“Who’s that in the mirror? Is it your beauty that escaped from its basement cage?”
“Run your beauty off the road—and onto your face.”
“Your beauty runs deep. Six feet underground to be exact.”
“Don’t let your beauty get away. Gun it down.”
“Looking for someone? You just found her—rifling through your beauty. It’s time to cut a bitch.”
“Bring your beauty to its knees. Pistol whip it until it tells you why it’s been avoiding you all these years.”
“If your beauty isn’t in your hands—then you killed for nothing.”
“Maybe she’s born with it. Or maybe she killed her sister for it. Either way, she’s really beautiful.”
“It’s high noon—and beauty just drew its gun. But you’re faster and you riddled it with bullets. Good job, because even with the gaping holes you’re still kind of beautiful now that you put the carcass of beauty all over you.”