How To Respond To Misogyny
and White Supremacy,
Compiled and/or Inspired
By Actual Suggestions
Made in the New York Times

- - -


Yoga is an excellent way to relax and stay fit, and, it turns out, is an excellent way to protest white supremacy. For one, yoga comes from India, so by practicing it you are supporting people of color. It sends a strong message of unity to others in your yoga class and also to the people you see on the street while carrying your yoga mat.


Not only is it delicious but it is non-GMO (way to stick it to Monsanto!), gluten-free, and has plenty of live acidophilus, which is beneficial for your colon. Chobani has sparked controversy for airing a commercial featuring two women in a lesbian relationship, and for employing over 300 refugees. Eating Chobani packs the double punch of supporting women’s issues and saying to our immigrant friends, “We support you!”


For instance, this year for our family’s holiday cards, instead of all of us in our usual matching ironic ugly sweaters, we’re going to feature a photo of our youngest daughter. This sends a clear message to our friends and family to think of the future of our female children this holiday season.


The repetitive movement soothes anxiety, while the communal aspect of a traditional weaving circle nurtures creativity and creates a safe space for sharing. Not only is weaving therapeutic, it has been practiced by the women of indigenous cultures for centuries. Weaving supports the indigenous people protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline and connects us to our ancestral female lineage, two things white supremacists hate.


I know what you’re thinking, isn’t that just a different version of the first suggestion? Not exactly. When you meditate, you connect with the present moment and you realize how great you actually have it. The House Un-American Activities Committee isn’t at your door, it’s merely a negative projection into the future, and that crippling depression about how great the world could have been if Hillary or even Bernie had won is just dwelling in the past. Be in the now and breathe. When you are done, be sure to dedicate your practice to all who aren’t as mindful as you.