1. You take Mary out for a nice drive. Disaster ensues.

2. Bit by bit, this town is killing you.

3. Two remorseless killers careen across a desert state, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake.

4. You used to see Janey around, but she’s gone now.

5. Your clothes don’t fit you anymore. You feel like you’re shrinking.

6. An animal has been struck and killed on the highway. Its owner seems to think it might get back up again.

7. You leave the carnival with your arm around your girl and climb behind the wheel of your car. It feels like nothing could go wrong.

8. Wendy, let me in!

9. Mary listens to Roy Orbison.

10. Clarence Clemons makes a brief appearance.

11. A man tells you an unsettling story about an amusement park ride.

12. A young man is mortally wounded in a highway auto accident.

13. Vietnam was hell — but coming home ain’t all it’s cracked up to be either.

14. You walk the train tracks. Somewhere, a dead man waits for you.

15. You’re impulsively shopping for tchotchkes. This store has a pretty nice lamp for sale, but the proprietor has a strict policy against refunds.

16. There’s a chapel deep in those pine woods. You won’t be going there alone.

17. A whole generation of your town peaked in high school.

18. Your father was a deeply troubled man, but you’re trying to make good. You struggle to keep the dark memories at bay. Thank god for Mom.

19. Everything dies. But that doesn’t mean it can’t come back.

20. The children here are all quiet. Too quiet. They stand there, hand in hand, just watching you.

21. She’s got hair like fire, and you can’t stop thinking about her.

22. You’ve been contemplating that old Buick for over thirty years.

23. It’s been a long time since you once played together — long enough for you all to grow up and forget. But you’ll always be blood brothers.

24. Outside, the snow is coming down harder and harder. The wind moans. It doesn’t matter. The world is our enemy. We’re never leaving this place again. Right, honey?

25. There is a mansion at the edge of town that stares down upon the children at play. You stare back, but it refuses to yield its secrets.

26. You need Eddie to calm down.

27. You’re hell-bent on getting out of these handcuffs.

28. The prisoner welcomes his trip to the electric chair. Sometimes a man’s better off dead.

29. You hope fast cars will allow you to leave misery behind. You are sorely mistaken.

30. It’s unusually long and begins with the lyrics to “Jungleland.”

- - -

1-30: Both.


1. “The River”; Desperation
2. All of them.
3. “Nebraska”; The Stand
4. “Spirits in the Night”; Mr. Mercedes
5. “Streets of Philadelphia”; Thinner
6. “Reason to Believe”; Pet Sematary
7. “Born to Run”; The Dead Zone
8. “Born to Run”; The Shining
9. “Thunder Road”; “You Know They Got a Hell of a Band”
10. Too many to list; It
11. “4th of July, Asbury Park”; Riding the Bullet
12. “Wreck on the Highway”; Christine
13. “Born in the U.S.A.”; “Blind Willie,” “Why We’re in Vietnam” (Hearts in Atlantis)
14. “The Ghost of Tom Joad”; The Body
15. “You Can Look (But You’d Better Not Touch)”; Needful Things
16. “Ramrod”; “Jerusalem’s Lot” (Night Shift)
17. “Glory Days”; Carrie
18. “Adam Raised a Cain”; Dr. Sleep
19. “Atlantic City”; Pet Sematary
20. “Jungleland”; Children of the Corn
21. “Red Headed Woman”; It
22. “My Hometown”; From a Buick 8
23. “Blood Brothers”; It
24. “Cover Me”; The Shining
25. “Mansion on the Hill”; Salem’s Lot
26. “Meeting Across the River”; It
27. “Magic”; Gerald’s Game
28. “Johnny 99”; The Green Mile
29. “Darkness of the Edge of Town”; Misery
30. “Jungleland”; The Stand