A group of toddlers is called a chaos.

A group of kindergartners is a “Why can’t I be the line leader?”

A collection of salt is called a lot. A collection of preschoolers who skip their nap is also a lot.

A group of crying mothers is a breastfeeding class.

A group of expecting parents hearing advice is an overwhelm.

A pack of parrots is a pandemonium. A pandemonium of parrots at a toddler birthday “petting zoo” is a really bad idea.

A group of groans is a dad joke.

A group of women in the grocery store who had kids thirty years ago is an amnesia.

A collection of bagpipes is a skein. A collection of kids walking home with backpacks full of recorders is a scream.

A bunch of flowers is a bouquet. A bunch of moms with bouquets is a Mother’s Day.

A group of parents in line at a coffee shop is a zombie.

A pack of porcupines is a prickle. A pack of kids with a porcupine is a regrettable pet choice.

A group of parents reading school emails is an eternity.

A large group of parents at school drop-off is an avoidance.

A collection of corn is a shock. A collection of toddlers sharing is also a shock.

A group of tweens is an eye-roll.

A group of teenagers is a TikTok.

A group of whiny babies is a conspiracy theory.

A bunch of peas is a pod. A bunch of parents at the end of their rope is a learning pod.

A group of coconuts is a cluster. A group of parents on an online discussion board discussing “how those teens are ruining the park for our kids” is a clusterfuck.

A collection of poems is an anthology. A collection of babies sleeping on an airplane is a poetry.

A group of mothers is an emotional labor.

A group of parents in a pandemic is an exhaustion.