An anger of women

An apparition of crisis actors

An assertion of sexual assault victims

A bigotry of Ambien

A bluster of diplomatic summits

A carnage of AR-15s

A courage of high-school students

A cowardice of Congresspersons

A culpability of NRA members

A deficiency of federal workers

A diatribe of think pieces

A disappearance of refugee children

An escapism of hedgehogs

A fallout of nuclear threats

A harassment of prominent men

An imprudence of reboots

An infinity of Avengers

An ingestion of Tide pods

An invective of pundits

An irrelevance of Bernie bros

A kickback of Kushners

A klan of presidential advisers

A leak of memos

A malevolence of trolls

A misapprehension of hot takes

A mortgage of avocados

A murder of millennials

A murmuration of memes

An outrage of police shootings

A pestilence of anti-vaxxers

A prevarication of press conferences

A purgation of bots

A reverberation of Russian trolls

A righteousness of school walkouts

A sacrifice of schoolchildren

An upsurge of female candidates

A vilification of undocumented immigrants

A White House of assholes