Sunny Day

Was just flying around today, doing my normal thing: eating smaller insects, buzzing to attract a mate, wondering what I should do with the rest of my life, etc. I really want to make my mark on the world, but it’s going to be tough because my lifespan is only ten days, give or take. (I am currently one day old.)

Then, all of a sudden, I noticed something. This amber-colored resin was dripping down one of the trees. The way the light was gleaming off it, it looked very enticing. I figured, what the hell, and I sat down the right in the middle of it.

It was so cool. Hard to describe. Definitely a liquid, but also kind of a solid? I let my legs sink into it, soaked for a while, kind of swam around, and then pulled myself out and went home. I’m thinking this could be it. My legacy. I could be the insect who discovered… whatever this stuff is. Pretty excited.

Cloudy Day

Sat in the amber again today. (Decided to call it "amber"— cooler name than resin.) Just the absolute best feeling in the world. You land on it and for a second it feels like you’re on solid ground, but then you start to sink and the amber slowly moves around your legs like it’s hugging you. It’s cold and warm at the same time. I think it’s magic. I haven’t dipped my head in yet, but I really want to.

Sunny Then Cloudy Day

Been telling everybody about the amber. They’re all acting like a bunch of wusses. “That sounds dangerous.” “What if I get stuck?” “I don’t see the upside.” Blah, blah, blah. And I’m like, “Guys, it’s NOT dangerous. I’ve done it TWICE and I’m fine. The stickiness is part of the FUN.” But they don’t want to listen. Nobody understands me. Sometimes I wish I could live permanently in the amber and never have to listen to their bullshit again.

Cloudy Day

Split my day between sitting in the amber (amazing) and flying around trying to convince other insects to sit in the amber (frustrating).

Very Cloudy Day

Good news: some of the younger insects decided to give the amber a try! Bad news: they sank all the way in and the amber covered their heads and now they’re stuck. Everybody’s pretty mad at me. Going to lay low until this blows over.

Rainy Day

Oof. Amber thing not going away. Usually, when an insect dies, they’re forgotten about pretty quickly (just the way it is — not good or bad). But in this case, all the insects that got stuck are still very visible because you can sort of see through the amber. (That’s another super cool feature of amber that I forgot to mention, although I feel bad geeking out about it now.) So, everyone keeps flying by and noticing them and getting mad at me all over again. They keep asking me stuff like, “Can we save them? How long until the amber melts?” And I’m like, “Uh…probably a couple days?” But they don’t realize that I’m totally guessing and it could be as long as five or six days until the amber melts. I’ll probably be dead by then, anyway. What a mess.

Cloudy Day

So, apparently, the news that amber is fun kept spreading, but the news that amber is dangerous did not. And now a bunch of insects all over the place are stuck in amber. Not good. I’m basically a pariah in the insect community now. I might as well be a diochus electrus (type of beetle, very unpopular).

Cloudy Then Sunny Then Rainy Day

Everybody hates me. Can’t take it anymore. Going to find the biggest glob of amber in the forest and sink all the way in. That’ll show ‘em. They’ll be sorry they were so mean.

Sunny Day

Well, this is it. I am fully inside the amber and there’s no getting out, until it melts (hopefully soon). Some of the other insects came by to look at me but I couldn’t tell if they were sorry or not. It kind of looked like they were repeating the word “dumbass.” I don’t know—it’s hard to see through the amber. Everything is all distorted.

Cloudy Day

Weird day. Kind of looked like a meteor hit the earth, wiping out all the dinosaurs? Maybe not. Like I said, everything’s distorted through the amber.

Rainy Then Sunny Day

Amber isn’t melting. If anything, it’s getting harder. Also, dinosaurs definitely gone. Big bummer.

I’m pretty sure it’s been ten days since I started keeping this diary, which means that my life is over any second now. What a waste. All I wanted to do was have a legacy, to be remembered for something. Now I hope nobody remembers me, because if they do, they’ll remember me as the dumbass who ruined all the amber in the forest by getting a bunch of gross insects stuck in it.