Season 1, Episode 9
“You’re Not A Real Doctor”

When Cuddy opens a new department specializing in viral outbreaks, Dr. House feels it’s a waste of money, and undermines them until they all quit medicine and the department is closed. Cuddy is frustrated with House, but eventually forgives him because he diagnoses and cures a boy who’s becoming a tree.

Season 2, Episode 4
“There Is No Need To Wash My Hands”

After Chase points out that the hospital could do with more hand sanitizer stations, House seeks to prove a point by going an entire day without washing his hands. Everybody is angry at House, but they all forgive him when he successfully diagnoses a patient who’s sick because the hospital is too clean. The request for more hand sanitizer stations is denied, and everybody agrees that House never needs to wash his hands again.

Season 3, Episode 11
“We Only Need Three Facemasks”

When Cuddy puts in an order for 30,000 face masks, House sabotages the order so that only three arrive. When asked to explain himself, House puts a mask on an intern then shoots them in the leg to demonstrate face masks are a waste of time. The hospital threatens to fire House, but decides to keep him on because he brilliantly diagnoses a bullet wound in an intern’s leg.

Season 4, Episode 15
“Destroy The Ventilators”

When somebody shows up claiming to have an incredibly rare, long-dormant disease, Dr. House destroys a number of the hospital’s ventilators in an attempt to prove it’s actually an insurance scam. When he’s proven wrong, the rest of the doctors destroy more ventilators to show that they’re still behind House anyway.

Season 4, Episode 16
“Give Me All The Ventilators”

When somebody shows up with what seems like a common cold, House immediately commands the hospital’s diminished supply of ventilators, suspecting instead that it’s a rare and long-dormant disease. When he’s proven wrong, he destroys the remaining ventilators because… god knows why.

Season 6, Episode 3

House deliberately infects himself with a rare infectious disease because, well, he’s House, isn’t he? When Cuddy wants to put him in quarantine, House ignores her advice and hosts a barbecue in the ICU because… I don’t know, I guess he’s got his reasons? Everybody forgives House because he lifts a witch’s curse from an old woman, and agrees that he can barbecue in the ICU whenever he likes.

Season 7, Episode 20
“Invest All Of The Hospital’s Money Into Airline Stock”

When Cuddy wants to fund a new wing of the hospital, House invests all of their money into airline stocks, claiming the airline industry is bulletproof. Everybody is angry at House until they see the initial gains they make. Cuddy reluctantly apologizes to House and promises that all the hospital’s money will be invested into airline stock.

Season 8, Episode 22
“Let Us All Go Outside and
Cough In Each Other’s Faces
Because It Is Sunny”

Seeking to prove that sunshine is nature’s great healer, House invites all the patients of the hospital to gather outside on a sunny day and cough in each other’s faces. The other doctors are all furious, but it’s the final episode, so what are you going to do? The series ends with House hosting another barbecue in the ICU and destroying the rest of the ventilators.