Would you believe
it that on air
planes people who
are next to you
will push on the
button if you’re reading in

the dark? Your chances are two in
two based on recent studies. They believe
it has something to do with the
population getting nicer and the air
being thinner up there. You
would be surprised at who

isn’t turning on reading lights for who
ever is reading in
the dark these days. You
met the Spaniards, no? I believe
they are the two most beautiful—she’s the heir
to L’Oréal—people in the

world I’ve ever seen. The
thing is her breath smells but who
wouldn’t mind kissing a face like that—the air
from your mouth would help hers in
the meeting of the two. I believe
we have to make sacrifices for beauty if you

know what I mean. Once you
had a friend, I think I remember, and the
sister of the friend believed
in people with small feet who
would come into her room in
the night and lift her and leave her mid air.

They were not pretty but the air
they breathed would turn you
pretty if you too had small feet and in
the morning your mother would open the
door and see you and wonder who
had made you different. My mother believes

in thinking about the air that
holds you and whoever—she
believes in holding things.