Which multi-level marketing scheme Aunt Janice is into now

What Dan’s ex-fianceé is up to these days

Carl and Alan – gay, or just roommates?

Which diet everyone is going on as soon as this meal is over

Uncle Rick’s WebMD cancer diagnosis

At what point we consider someone an alcoholic

The moral superiority of people with rescue dogs

How much money I’d have if I’d gone to college in-state

How much money Uncle Rick would have if he’d bought Bitcoin

Who at the club has had work done

What vegan Claire can actually eat

Who gets the timeshare when Nana passes

Screen time for toddlers: the downfall of a generation, or the only way to get baby Cameron to shut the hell up?

Smartphones at the dinner table: the downfall of the modern family, or the only way to get Uncle Rick to shut the hell up?

When I’m planning on starting a family (so Mom can get a head start on some needlepoint projects)

Star Wars spoilers

Is Nascar a sport?