MIMBY – Maybe In My Back Yard

MINDY – Maybe In the Neighborhood Down Yonder [gestures that way]

SIMBA – Suitable In My Back Alley

TAFSA – Try A Few Streets Away

POOFY – Possibly On Our Front Yard

PONY – Perhaps Our Neighbor’s Yard

IGOODFAB – I Guess On Our Deck For A Bit

ARBYS – Around the Rogers’ Backyard Shed

OBESITY – Ok, But Everything Stays Inside The Yard

ACTUALLY – Also, Consider Trying to Use A Little Less Yard

HAMILTON – How About a Mother-In-Law Type Option Nearby

HANDMAIDS – How About Next Door, Maybe, Assuming I Don’t See

MAMBO NUMBER FIVE – Maybe Analyze More Buildings Objectively, Nicely Undermining Many Baseless Excuses Reactionary Fighters Inevitably Voice Endlessly

THANOS – There’s Half A Neighborhood Opening Shortly