8th Day

  • Quit smoking
  • Start running
  • Drop robes at cleaners
  • Beta test DNA

9th Day

  • Add foreskin to Adam’s penis, ha-ha
  • Plant boxwood border around far edge of Universe

10th Day

  • Induce fear of death by imparting awareness of death
  • Increase speed of light from 50 miles/hour to 186,000 miles/second

11th Day

  • Dumb down Tree of Knowledge
  • Find publisher for Bible
  • Have lion fight shark

12th Day

  • Omniscients Anonymous meeting

13th Day

  • Check to see if first chicken’s produced first egg yet (or vice versa)
  • Order “Happy 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,007th birthday to me!” cake
  • Put flaming bag of dog-angel shit on Satan’s front porch, ring doorbell

14th Day

  • Give days actual names (possibles: Sunday, Moonday, Darkmatterday…???)
  • Call Mom