“Democrats are gonna impeach the president for a second time, one week before he leaves office. Why? Politics, and the fact that they want to cancel the president.” – Rep. Jim Jordan in House impeachment hearings, 1/13/2021

- - -

The teenagers of Haddonfield, Illinois, have a one-track communal mind, consumed only with visions of taking down distinguished serial killer Michael Myers, and it should make one thing clear to us all: cancel culture has gotten out of hand.

How can we protect our essential freedoms when only one side is being heard? You can’t even have a debate in this town anymore. Everyone is so quick to side with Laurie Strode, Annie Brackett, and Alice Martin, who were slain by Mr. Myers, and no one stops to consider that this whole uproar may just be a political move to tear down a self-made man.

This PC mob of high schoolers sees a savvy, successful guy with a mild case of vengeful and misogynistic bloodlust, and they become hellbent on tearing him down at any cost. They’ve been after him his entire career. First, they broke into hysterics when he murdered his sister at age six and had him locked up in Smith’s Grove Sanitarium. And now, they want him punished for the gruesome killing spree he performed in Haddonfield on Halloween night? When he’s sure to be skipping town in a few days anyway? Give me a break.

Here’s the most frightening part of the whole debacle: these suburban teenagers will clearly send psychiatric authority Dr. Loomis after anybody whose actions they disagree with. Sure, right now, it’s only knife-wielding masked assailants being canceled, but soon, it will be the butcher behind the deli counter, then your own family, then you. If we allow Michael Myers to be tried for his crimes, it will set an eerie precedent. Soon, cancel culture will come for us all.

This is not what our community needs right now. Locking up Michael Myers does not bring Haddonfield together. It only cements the growing divide between teenage babysitters and the slashers who hunt and kill them. And without unity, how can we as a town properly heal from the string of murders he committed?