The Two A.M. Instagram Shopper

Paying-for-Two-College-Educations Barbie

The Person Whose Fucking Pants Used to Fit

Mare of Easttown But Worse

Big Edie

Little Edie

Any Edie, Really

Moira Rose on Casual Friday

The Sexy Shut-In

Eastern European File Clerk

Ace Ventura But Not On Purpose

Person Who Fully Dresses for Zooms Because at Least She’s Trying, Jeremy

Eccentric Jeopardy! Contestant

Charli D’Amelio’s Mom

Grace Fraser from The Undoing But with a Budget for Only One Coat and It’s from Nordstrom Rack

Slutty PTA President

The Gen Xer Who Doesn’t Give a Shit What You Think, She’s Wearing Skinny Jeans for the Rest of Her Life

Jessica Fletcher But Not On Purpose

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