Greetings, shareholders. As I’m sure you’re all aware, sales in Q4 have fallen far short of our projections, closing out a soft overall performance for the year. HeartFirst Medical Solutions & Supplies remains committed as ever to hitting our annual revenue targets, but it will require bold, outside-of-the-box thinking if we hope to stay relevant — and profitable — in the hyper-competitive medical equipment sales market.

That’s why we’re proud to present SHOK™: The cool new defibrillator for Generation Z.

SHOK™ was designed from the ground up by our product and marketing teams for the tech-savvy, mobile-first generation born between 1995 and 2010. They grew up on social media, they care about the environment, and they will soon account for as much as 40% of all consumer spending in America. HeartFirst Medical Solutions & Supplies plans to be there waiting for them with a medical device that speaks to them — one that understands who they are and what they’re all about while simultaneously delivering precisely-calibrated 200-joule electrical currents directly into the heart through the chest wall.

But SHOK™ is more than just a defibrillator. It’s a lifestyle brand that embodies the core values of this fast-growing consumer base. Gen Z believes in living life to the max. They don’t compromise or let little things like sudden cardiac arrest get in the way of achieving their goals. (Or, as they might say, “crushing it!”) SHOK™ helps these ambitious youngsters live their #bestlife by preventing them from dying their #worstdeath — and with a streamlined look that will appeal to style-conscious teenagers and emergency medical professionals alike.

Now, you’re probably picturing a big, ugly medical device covered in boring old buttons and dials. Well, think again — this isn’t your DAD’S defibrillator! SHOK™ has a sleek, sexy form factor, and comes in stylish modern colorways like Morning Buzz, Midnight Pulse, and Electric Dream. But don’t let us tell you how to #RockYourSHOK™! Express your individuality and design your own with our patented SHOK™ ID App, where you can customize every detail all the way down to the color of your electrode pads. Whether you’re tearing it up on the halfpipe at your local skate park or performing Advanced Cardiac Life Support in the back of an ambulance, SHOK™ is guaranteed to get a response.

But enough about looks! Let’s talk features. As you all know, Gen Zers live their entire lives online. That’s why we designed SHOK™ to integrate seamlessly with all of their favorite social media platforms. We even included a dual 12-megapixel front-facing camera with portrait mode — so you can share #FOMO-inducing selfies online while delivering heartbeat-inducing biphasic electrical pulses #IRL.

Let’s be clear — there’s still a long road ahead of us. Our global advertising campaign and tagline, “Live SHOKingly,” is still in development, although preliminary market research testing results look promising. We’re also reviewing early prototypes for INFSN™, our new line of infusion pumps and intubation accessories for the rapidly-aging millennial market. But with SHOK™ set to roll out in nine test markets as early as February, we’re feeling optimistic about the future. A future where young people stop each other on the street and say, “Hey, where’d you get that cool defibrillator?” And they smile knowingly in response and say, “It’s not a defibrillator — it’s SHOK™.”