Listen, I totally understand and relate to where you’re coming from. You’ve faced an indescribable amount of discrimination based on your race, gender, or sexual orientation. But I want you to know, I’m also no stranger when it comes to facing a disadvantage. Sure, I may be a CIS straight white man, but my parents didn’t have a housekeeper for our three-story oceanfront home when I was growing up. So yeah, I get it.

We’ve both spent a lifetime suffering the repercussions of something we had no choice over. You were born into a society that treats minorities as less than, and I was born into a family that didn’t have someone clean our house for us every week. It’s hard out here. We had to set aside time from our busy schedules of basking in the sun to tidy up our massive home. I mean, my life hasn’t been a piece of cake either.

So don’t lump me together with all those other super privileged cis straight white men that made just a little more money than my still extremely wealthy family, who don’t immediately face a prejudice based on our appearance. Okay?

Now, ladies, I hear you loud and clear. It must suck being scared everywhere you go because most men think they can say and do whatever they want to you. It’s remarkable to see wage gaps, pink taxes, and the job discrimination you face just because you’re a female. I just have to say… SAME! It’s hard not being in the privileged crew. Like my family only had two cars and one stretch limo at hand instead of the garage full of classic BMWs and the private jet we really wanted. But these similarities are what bond us, the forgotten.

I know, it’s easy to look at me and immediately think I have all the privilege others do. But if you heard my story you might think differently. I wasn’t just given everything. For instance, I didn’t have my education completely taken care of by my parents. They only covered ninety-five percent of it, while the rest was covered by a scholarship for young men with boats. So I had to first go through the process of buying a boat, with my father’s money, before getting the education I deserved. That took a good chunk out of a Sunday I originally intended to spend at a masseuse. All I’m trying to say is that we both have a lot of barriers standing in our way.

To my LGBTQIA friends out there, keep fighting the good fight! People are going to judge you and treat you poorly because of your truth and preferences. No one understands that more than I do. I prefer seltzer water with dinner instead of tap water, and that is often not an option at restaurants. It’s honestly disgraceful and an attack on me personally. But take heart, if I can power through drinking water from a faucet, you surely can overcome whatever hardships you’re facing that I can’t be bothered to understand because I am too busy buying a LaCroix distribution center to learn about them. We’re not so different you and I!

So maybe keep this in mind before you automatically assume I’ve lived a privileged existence. The discrimination I face may not be political, social, racial, or anything serious whatsoever, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t difficult for my extremely fragile ego. If I walk outside in my chinos and crocs, yes I face some immediate judgments based on my appearance. So just remember: I, a CIS straight white man, get it completely.