Round 1 spacing was excessive. Definitely need more than three teeth.

Dave to minimize the spacing, throw a couple more teeth in there. Possibly Surprise Teeth? [see below]

Team can’t see why we’d need these for more than 30 years. Don’t waste resources trying to make them indestructible.

Some concern about the possibility of bacteria growth in between teeth:

  • Jeff explained that if you floss (sp?), you won’t have to worry about that.
  • Says he’ll “floss” every day.
  • Feels like he won’t, though.

Everyone excited about the idea of original teeth – “li’l” teeth – falling out at some point.

  • Maybe this happens more than once.
  • Alicia to break down the budget for 10-12 sets of teeth per person.

Team is cool with possibility of discoloration, erosion, chips, cracks, gaps, sensitivity to cold things, sensitivity to hot things, decay.


Will probably require a lot.

“Flossing” brought up again. Whole team, except Jeff, agrees we want no part of this.

Marketing team to come up with some alternatives to flossing.

  • Maybe scrubbing teeth with a tiny brush.
  • Possibly a special tooth liquid. Burns when it’s working?

Might need the help of a professional if we’re ditching the flossing thing, which, again, everyone really wants to ditch.

Team willing to go exactly this far to avoid flossing, but no further:

1. “Biannual cleaning appointments with the professional until we’re old enough to decide that we don’t need to see the professional anymore, at which point we will stop until it’s been so long that we can’t ever go back.”

2. A “root canal.” Jeff’s idea. Says he’ll drill holes into teeth? Jeff to offline this with Alicia.

Team not exactly cool with the second one but, ultimately, willing to risk it.

Surprise Teeth

Client really interested in this concept.

Should have a fun, quirky name like “judgment teeth” or “curiosity teeth.”

Don’t give them to everyone.

Should appear in your elder years (17-25) as a prank.



Team is cool with removal via surgery if it means we don’t have to floss them.