As someone who came of age in the Bush years, it has been perplexing for me to see so many people cheer as a rich liberal talk show host justified her friendship with the architect of the Iraq War — a war that we are still fighting today — at a football game of all places. I believe I am fully justified in saying that it has sickened me to my very core.

This all said, if an unknown humor writer who won a contest to sit courtside next to Dick Cheney at the Bulls game next week, that would be cool right?

The Ellen debacle has truly shown the one thing that matters to these people is class and status. It doesn’t matter to them if you are a rich conservative or a wealthy member of the left. If you have that money in your bank account, you’re one of them. Is the rich sticking together no matter what something we should look past and forgive?

However, I will say that if, theoretically, one of you guys dialed into 98.2 “The Hog” and won a ticket to sit inches from the court where Michael Jordan won his rings in a seat that just happened to be next to Dick Cheney, I would forgive you because we in the lower class also need to stick together, right?

Even though you’d be sitting next to the actual brains behind America’s current endless warfare as you enjoyed your complimentary hot dog, I wouldn’t be mad, and I hope you’d feel the same.

Yes, as Ellen said, it’s good to be kind to everyone. However, she is a rich comedian that’s in a position to choose who she attends events with, and she chose to attend this football game with a man who some would say is one of the absolute worst presidents in American history. Which, in my opinion, is way worse than an unsuccessful comedian who would never get courtside seats otherwise agreeing to watch a game with the worst vice-president in American history.

We need to be holding those in power to account, not winners of highly specific radio contest prizes!

Maybe you don’t think something like this is a big deal. Perhaps you believe that Ellen should be the only one to decide who she befriends and that she has the right for those friendships to remain private.

To that I say, would you work just as hard to defend a stranger who high-fives the man responsible for killing hundreds of thousands in the Middle East after Zach LaVine lays down a monster dunk? Because if so, I would like to meet you and have you respond to some very mean tweets I’ve been receiving.