Whoa there! That’s a pretty extreme claim. Surely you don’t mean to call ALL vampires “blood-sucking ghouls?”

Have you ever donated to a blood bank? How is this any different?

I am not pro-vampire and I am not anti-vampire. I am just trying to have an objective discussion here without using loaded words like “kill.”

Are they afraid of crucifixes? Or are they tired of narrow-minded people who wear crucifixes?

My sympathies. I am sorry your sister had such a terrible experience. But she admits she’d invited him into her apartment before this, right?

Why this puritanical assumption that no one ever wants their sex partner to bite open a major artery? Who are you to kink-shame?

I’m confused. How can the dead walking the earth be “unnatural” if it happens every night?

So, in that case, would you say that you’re “Pro-Life”? I’m seriously asking.

I think the rash of missing children is a complicated issue with many causes, and we shouldn’t rush immediately to gross generalizations about the unhallowed walking dead.

Actually, too much direct sunlight will kill anyone. Ask a dermatologist.

If you keep treating people like pathetic, helplessly scurrying mortal prey, then that’s how they’ll think of themselves.

Why do you keep saying things like “unnatural, bloodless pallor?” Come out and admit it: you have a problem with white people.

And your source for that “fact” is …? Oh, right—the hospitalized mental patient who eats bugs.

You do know it’s illegal to defile a grave, right? Who’s the criminal now?

This is the kind of rigid, politically correct groupthink that turns people into mobs. Pitchfork-wielding, Transylvanian mobs.

Now you’re just trying to impose your own religious beliefs. What if you don’t even have a soul?

Did he misread her signals, though? How is that tight, skimpy Batman T-shirt not a signal?

You keep saying “predator,” as if predators weren’t a beautiful, inevitable part of nature. Try thinking about evolutionary biology a little.

Fine. Have it your way. Let’s get rid of all the “predators.” But do you have a cat?

So you believe in life after death, but anyone living after death is “unholy?” Religion is a disease.

He’s been dead since at least 1896. How long until we give him a second chance?

I can honestly tell you vampires have not bothered me a single day.

Well, I think before this “Dr. Van Helsing” gets on his high horse, he should explain how the Dutch treated Indonesia.

Maybe you’ve lost a little too much blood to think clearly right now.

By all means, call me names. I don’t mind. But surely you don’t mean ALL trolls.