It’s quite the time to be an American citizen. But if there’s one thing I believe in, it’s equality amongst our people. This is America. And when it comes to our country’s healthcare system, it’s time for us to set aside our political and racial differences and come together as one.

Amid all the political uncertainty our nation faces, I can stand behind one promise as your elected representative: No matter how many social or racial barriers stand in our way, I will fight day and night until you and every American equally get their healthcare denied.

I don’t care if you’re White, Black, Hispanic, Gay, or even a human being: if you live in this country, I will fight to find any preexisting condition you may have, regardless of your cultural upbringing. After all, this is America. We’re the greatest country on the planet, and no one should be excluded from being charged tens of thousands of dollars for a simple ER visit for a sprained wrist just because they can’t afford it. I don’t need to know what the color of your skin is. If you live in this country, I just need to know how many dependents you have and how often you’ll need to visit a general physician so I can get hard to work rejecting as many of your healthcare providers as my legislative authority will allow.

Far be it from me to put labels on those who will be forever pitted against a lifetime of medical bills and collection notices. You elected me because you wanted change. No American should have to go through a broken, complicated website to find out their healthcare plan has been canceled. If you were born in this country, then you deserve to be told in person by a doctor that you can’t afford him.

As little as two years ago, I remember people telling me that I wasn’t allowed to deny health coverage for anyone making below the median income. But despite the red tape, I persevered. And today, I’m happy to report that is no longer the case: thanks to the AHCA, now everyone can be equally deprived.

It’s 2017. It’s time for America to be a beacon of equality for the rest of the world, and show that we will not be separated by our differences, but we will instead come together bound by the fact that we are human beings who will all someday die from a lack of overpriced medical treatments and services. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a 3 o’clock appointment with my urologist.