First off, let me say that, although I voted for President Trump and the GOP in 2016 — and have voted Republican in every election since 2000 — I disagree with them about a lot of things. For example, I don’t like all the tweeting. So I guess you could say I’m one of those heartland swing voters the Democrats should be reaching out to this fall. Instead, they’re totally blowing it with all this nastiness they keep spewing at the president and his administration. Because for me, it all comes down to the issues.

Take healthcare. Sure, I was disappointed that Trump, who said when he campaigned for president that it would be “easy” to replace Obamacare with “something terrific,” never got around to it. Unfortunately, I found myself and my family uninsured — so I was ready and willing to listen to Democrat proposals on how to fix our broken healthcare system. But then Snoop Dogg dropped his “Lavender” video, in which he pretends to shoot a clown who looked like the President, and that was that.

Now look, I like healthcare as much as anyone else, and I’m concerned about my wife’s untreated carcinoma, but Snoop went way over the line. Sorry, I just can’t reward that incivility by pulling the lever for Democrats at the ballot box.

And take the opioids.

During the campaign, Trump said he’d “spend the money” to fix the problem. But in my small town, and all over my state for that matter, the bodies keep piling up. I’m afraid that my two teenage sons are going to become statistics in this human crisis, joining thousands upon thousands of Americans whose lives have been tragically cut short by this powerfully-addictive drug. So when a Democrat running for the US Congress in my district pointed out that Trump hadn’t kept his promise and noted the opioid crisis is actually worse today than when he took office — I actually listened. She said she wouldn’t have done the tax cut, but used that money to fund drug programs — which made some sense. But then one night shortly after, I was watching the Tonys, and Robert DeNiro dropped an f-bomb on the President. Sorry, Robert — you blew it! You just lost my vote, pal.

Then there are the jobs.

After I was laid off at Harley-Davidson, where I’d worked for 17 years, and where my father worked, I started to think Democrats might have a point about how Trump’s starting a ruinous trade war with most of the world was maybe not the best plan to grow our economy. But then that restaurant in northern Virginia kicked Sarah Huckabee Sanders out. I mean, seriously?

I don’t have to tell you that I don’t like being unemployed and hate the fact that I’m about to default on my mortgage and be forced to declare bankruptcy. But the idea that the President’s press secretary and her family can’t enjoy a simple meal of heirloom tomato salad with cornbread croutons followed by a brace of herb-roasted quail in peace? That’s unacceptable. You messed up again, Dems.

In conclusion, I’m obviously not crazy about being unemployed and uninsured, and the thought of having to someday soon bury my cancer-stricken wife and my opioid-addicted children keeps me up at night at the homeless shelter. Still, I just can’t bring myself to vote for a party that makes violent rap videos, defiles broadway award shows, and bans the president and his low-ranking cabinet members — who never, ever have an unkind or harsh word to say about anyone — from upscale, farm-to-table restaurants.

So I’ve made my decision. This fall, I’m not voting for healthcare, jobs, or action on the opioid crisis — I’m voting for bringing back civility to our politics. I’m voting Republican.