(1) Pen. Paper. Some bills.

(2) A twig. A leaf. Dirt.

(3) An unlaced left shoe. (Preferably not your own left shoe.) A shirt. (Ditto.) A watch. (Yours OK if not too expensive; otherwise borrow roommate’s.)

(4) Sunglasses. Umbrella. Nail-clippers.

(5) Cereal. Milk. Bowl. Spoon. Detailed instructions.

(6) A soda can. Bottled water. Another soda can.

(7) Three. Three of something. Three is good. (Two is also good, but not as good as three.)

(8) Exhibit brochure. Some more bills. Paintbrush.

(9) A list of installation ideas. Blank paper. A ballpoint pen.

(10) Museum gift shop items arranged in no discernible order.

(11) Wine. Cheese. Maybe waiter or cute waitress.

(12) Legos. Also receipt for Legos.

(13) Three people ambling. (No one too scary.)

(14) One scary person. (Museum guard?)

(15) Bills for miscellaneous items purchased with advance for exhibit.