This week, conservative thinkers announced the formation of the University of Austin, whose aim will be to produce “antifragile” graduates and pursue the brand of truth “at the heart of education since Plato founded his Academy in 387 B.C.” They will start offering “Forbidden Courses” in 2022.

In announcing the plan, one of its founders wrote that it is time to “restore the meaning to those old school mottos. Light. Truth. The wind of freedom.” Here are a some options for meaningful University of Austin mottoes.

Veritas tam firma quam caelum
Truth as unchanging as the climate

Occidentalia sunt optima
“West is best”

Ab Atheniensibus ad Austinam
“From Athens to Austin”

Platonem et Ciceronem restituere
“Uncancelling Plato and Cicero”

O tempora! O mores!
Oh the times! Oh the morals!

A fragilitate fragiles tueri
“Protecting the fragile from fragility”

Nondum recognita
“Not yet accredited”

Sine campo, sine discipulis, sine gradibus
“No campus, no students, no degrees”

Sed re vera
“Well, actually”

Ad iura obtinenda pecuniam publicam repellere
“Rejecting federal money to uphold our civil rights”

Roganem et Muscum inicere
“Namedropping Rogan and Musk”

Lux, veritas, ventus libertatis
“Light, truth, the wind of freedom”

Academiam reddere magnam
“Making academia great again”