You’re going to need sharp wits and lightning reflexes to complete this quest!

If you bump into an enemy from the side or from below, you die.

Don’t get too lazy about swimming or you’ll get pulled under by the whirlpool at the bottom of the screen.

Bad guys on top of the bricks can be taken care of by punching them from below.

Some bad guys can’t be killed. Look out for these immortal creeps!

If you want to get a lot of points, be sure not to leave any enemies alive behind you, since the more enemies you kill, the more new ones appear.

The points you get depend on how you kill the enemy. Try a few different methods to see which gives you the most points.

The higher you jump on the flagpole, the higher the bonus you receive.

Because the screen moves from left to right, there are enemies off the edge of the screen that can’t be seen.

Beware! The following are deadly:

  • Bumping into members of the Turtle Tribe and other baddies
  • Walking into flames
  • When you fall into a pit or get sucked down a drain
  • Time runs out