Joe Girardi (Chicago Cubs): Sprained his ankle when he stepped on a ball during batting practice.

Satoru Komiyama (New York Mets): Injured his right middle finger while attempting to open his garage door. He pinched the finger between the panels of the door.

Mark Quinn (Kansas City Royals): Suffered a cracked rib when he tripped over a table in his condo while playfully kung-fu fighting with his brother.

Jason Johnson (Baltimore Orioles): While simulating his pitching motion, he jammed the middle finger on his pitching hand into the ground and broke it.

Randy Keisler (New York Yankees): Missed six weeks after being bit by a rattlesnake at his home.

Marty Cordova (Baltimore Orioles): Burned his face in a tanning bed. He could not play because he was under doctor’s orders to stay out of the sun.

Pokey Reese (Pittsburgh Pirates): Re-injured his sprained finger when one of the Pirates’ trainers accidentally pulled on it while treating another injury.

Kevin Brown (Los Angeles Dodgers): Seriously injured his back when he lunged to catch his son, who was falling off a bed.

Juan Rivera (New York Yankees): Fractured his right kneecap when he crashed into a golf cart while shagging fly balls during batting practice.