“People across the globe are standing up against sexual harassment and assault by posting the phrase ‘me too’ on Facebook and Twitter in an effort to show how widespread the problem has become.” — The Boston Globe, 10/15/17

- - -

1. Your daughter

2. Your mother

3. Your grandmother

4. Your wife

5. Your girlfriend

6. Your ex-girlfriend

7. Your sister

8. Your other sister

9. Your niece

10. Your aunt

11. Your great-aunt

12. Your cousin

13. Your cousin twice removed

14. Your boss

15. Your coworker

16. Your friends (including Dave. It doesn’t only happen to women)

17. Your neighbor

18. Your first-grade teacher

19. Your favorite actress

20. Your least favorite actress

21. Her favorite actress

22. The girl who made your coffee this morning

23. The woman who made your lunch this afternoon

24. The woman you saw at the gym today

25. The woman sitting across from you on the train (while she was sitting across from you on the train)

26. The cashier at your grocery store

27. The women at the laundromat (yes, all of them)

28. The woman who wrote the article you’re reading

29. The woman you just checked out but didn’t say anything to (another guy did)

30. The woman who wrote the article you just read

31. The woman who just walked past you with her daughter

32. Her daughter (she’s only 9)

33. My unborn daughter(s)

34. My mother

35. My grandmother

36. My sister

37. My cousins (all of them, including Matt and Joe)

38. My aunts

39. My former bosses

40. My coworkers (past and present)

41. My neighbors

42. My third-grade teacher

43. My friends

44. My enemies

45. Me