1. “The release of only sketchy information made it difficult for outside medical experts to assess [his] condition.”

2. “While [his] death or incapacitation could create a power struggle… it is notoriously difficult to obtain accurate information from [them] even in pre-pandemic times.”

3. “How believable are these reports?”

4. “[He] suggests McDonald’s French fries are responsible for keeping his hair from falling out.”

5. “There has been a great deal of speculation surrounding [his] health in recent years, with rumors emerging that he suffers from high blood sugar, gout, and diabetes. He is reputed to be a massive fan of Swiss cheese.”

6. “The history of illness [there] is largely one of intense secrecy, and occasionally flat-out lies.”

7. “Amid mixed messages on [his] health, photos were released of [him] working that some critics say were staged.”

8. “The regime has still not explicitly denied that [he] is in ill health, and state media has been diligently reporting that the leader is still sending and receiving letters.”

9. “Even as they publish old (or undated) statements from [him] about the economy and other topics, the gist is that there’s nothing to see here and everything is fine.”

10. “[His] absence raised global concern about how a potential leadership vacuum in a nuclear-armed state could affect regional stability.”

11. “Of course rumors… often turn out to be wrong. Media reports that [he] had fed his uncle to dogs in 2013, for example, turned out to be a misunderstanding.”

12. “You can really take almost nothing that is on the record at face value.”

13. “[He] indeed made an appearance, but it was a quick drive-by, where, inside a car, he waved to cheering supporters.”

- - -

Trump: 1, 4, 6, 7,12, 13
Jong-un: 2, 3, 5, 8, 9, 10, 11