ain’t coming on that tab (v)
won’t accept the proposition. Usually abbr. to “I ain’t coming.”

beatup (n)
small change. Ex. “Can you lend me a little beatup?”

clambake (n)
ad lib session, every man for himself, a jam session not in the groove.

doghouse (n)
bass fiddle.

early black (n)

fruiting (v)
fickle, fooling around with no particular object.

gutbucket (adj)
low-down music.

hincty (adj)
conceited, snooty.

icky (n)
one who is not hip, a stupid person, can’t collar the jive.

jeff (n)
a pest, a bore, an icky.

killer-diller (n)
a great thrill.

lamp (v)
to see, to look at.

meter (n)
quarter, twenty-five cents.

mouse (n)
pocket. Ex. “I’ve got a meter in the mouse”.

an exclamation with varied meaning. When a beautiful chick passes by, it’s “Ow!”, and when someone pulls an awful pun, it also is “Ow!”

pad (n)

pink (n)
a white person.

ready (adj)
100 per cent in every way. Ex. “That fried chicken was ready.”

slide your jib (v)
to talk freely.

twister to the slammer (n)
the key to the door.

viper (n)
one who smokes reefers, a tea-hound.

what’s your story?
what do you want, what have you got to say for yourself, how are tricks, or what excuse can you offer? Ex. “I don’t know what his story is.”