Silence of the Lambs: Young FBI agent interviews one serial killer to catch another, then meets a man who’s unhappily married to a pregnant woman he doesn’t want a life with anymore.

Jean de Florette: Hunchback farmer loses everything with new farm and decides to take it out on pregnant wife by ignoring her and taking her for granted.

Shaun of the Dead: Ordinary man finds purpose in life by battling zombies and calling his wife “hormonal.”

What Dreams May Come: After death, husband searches through afterlife for his wife and finds her fucking multiple men, making up for all those times he left her crying and masturbating alone.

Fargo: Scheming car salesman arranges to have his wife kidnapped so he can collect the ransom and then buy drinks for all his new buddies from his screenwriting class.

Back to the Future: Teenager goes back in time to help his nerdy father get the girl, his mom, and then teaches him how to make her feel stupid and unworthy of his time.

Groundhog Day: Narcissistic man is forced to relive a day over and over until he recognizes that he’s killing his marriage by repeatedly ignoring wife.

Office Space: Slacker decides to stop going to work and succeeds in getting wife to initiate divorce proceedings.