Insomnia — $2.00

Weird Dream (4) — $4.00

Loud Barking Downstairs — $1.20

Cold Bathroom — $1.20

Pain in Neck — $4.00

Hangover — $1.10

Angry Wife — $3.25

Dirty Diaper — $1.10

Side Orders (Sm.) (Lg.)

Plain Financial Anxiety — $1.00 … $2.00

Crispy Fear of Death — $1.00 … $2.00

Black Mold — $2.00

Sweet and Sour
(Served with Plain Financial Anxiety.)

Girl at pastry shop stops flirting with you
when she sees ring — $9.75

Baby daughter paints funny picture of you on
brand-new 46-inch 1080p HDTV — $9.75

Combo Platter
(Served with Plain Financial Anxiety
or Crispy Fear of Death

Take Out the Trash and Give Finger
to Speeding Driver — $6.75

Give Finger to Speeding Driver and Run in Park — $6.75

Run in Park and Loud Barking Downstairs — $6.75

Loud Barking Downstairs and Take Out
the Trash — $6.75

Give Finger to Barking Downstairs and Throw
Trash at Speeding Driver — $6.75

Chef’s Specials

Dragon and Phoenix — $9.25
Argument with wife cannot be won; stop fantasizing about her seeking forgiveness.

Seven Stars Around the Moon — $9.25
Long e-mail to well-connected friend requesting work has bounced yet again.

Four Seasons — $9.25
A strange sense that time is moving faster and faster and you are accomplishing less and less.

Triple Delight — $9.25
Postman hands you shrink-wrapped parcel, has no idea it contains pornographic DVD, no one home.

Happy Family — $9.25
Wife elated after you agree to go on medication permanently, despite sexual side effects.

Please: No substitutions.