Now that Arm Tights by Spanx have arrived, ready to conquer the flabby upper arms of women everywhere, an ingenious suite of new female underpinnings are poised to hit stores. A few to consider supporting on Kickstarter:

Navel Cork
Neither innie nor outie shall mar the smooth surface of your torso.

Calf Corset
Why bother agitating the footwear industry to make a wider range of calf-widths in boots? Just hoist your calf corset over your ankle, and whittle away until your lower leg is as slender as it needs to be. A brilliant solution for constricting skinny jeans, too!

Extra-Strength Turtleneck
Features thick fabric and delicate boning that lifts, tones, and lengthens your neck into a more swanlike silhouette. User reviews note that the effect lasts up to 90 minutes after removal.

Elbow Holster
This spongy joint hammock will buttress falling elbow flesh, and can be discretely worn with short- or long-sleeved tops. Comes in a range of “nude” shades.

Kneecap Cover
No one needs to see your saggy, baggy elephant knees ever again! Popping on a kneecap under your hosiery or workout leggings will ensure you’re always covered.

Collarbone Stays
Too much clavicle can be aging, but with a pair of transparent collarbone stays tightly anchored to your bra straps you will see an average 1" reduction in projection. Also available in lace for a delicate décolletage look.

Scapula Retractors
Made just for taming prominent wing bones, these patent-pending, pulley-based tethers give you shoulder blades worth turning around for.

Saddlebag Tape
Quickly carve out that perfect little ‘ledge’ between your thigh and butt with our breathable, pliable, reusable “thutt” tape.