I regret to inform you that New York no longer exists. Unfortunately, as soon as it was out of my sight on our family trip earlier this year, it disappeared forever. As someone who loves both big things and shiny things, I am distraught. I’m one of those babies who really thought I could make a life for myself there, but now it’s gone.

The good news is, Los Angeles is still here. I know because I am back home and in it. During our East Coast venture, I had thought my crib was never to be seen again, but when I was placed inside it upon our return, I was more sure it still existed. Not a hundred percent, but pretty close. Unfortunately, I do have to report that my favorite playground is closed. My daycare center, too. So, actually, this does mean the entire city has disappeared altogether and will never come back.

Regrettably, and you are not gonna believe this, my mother’s face is gone as well. It was here and then suddenly — oh wait! It’s back! No, no, I was mistaken. I only see the backs of her hands, and so her face must be lost to the passage of time. I totally thought I saw her. That’s disappointing. I would never have imagined becoming the daughter of a faceless woman. Fate is a cruel mistress, indeed. I’ll sure miss — wait! There she is aga — ah, nope. She’s gone once more. Just hands. Wow, what a turbulent afternoon.

Please accept my deepest sympathies, as I have also discovered the sun is donezo. It was here earlier, but then it went away, which obviously means we will never see it again. Man, what a bummer. I really liked that thing. I’m not sure what it did besides make Faceless Mom put a hat on me, but still, it was a nice presence, you know? Anyway, that’s over now, but we had our fun.

Well, my eyes are closing, and so I have no reason to believe this is not my final goodbye. I write to you with urgency, as my focus is drifting and my eyelids are heavy with the day’s activities, begging your forgiveness as I did not figure out how to make New York come back. It is gone forever, like my hometown (outside of my crib, which I am in currently and am 97% sure still exists), and the sun, and my mommy’s face. Wait a sec, she just came in to swaddle me — this is so weird… her face is… back? A medical miracle, a sight to behold! What a relief! New York is for sure gone, though. And LA. And the sun.

And soon I will be too, I guess. Oh well, such is life. Anyway, time for bed. Goodnight forever!