Professor Philip Brainard watches his latest creation, a green mass of flying rubber, attempt to contort itself into a new shape.

Every movement Flubber makes is accompanied by the sound of breaking bones and inhuman screaming.

“I shall call it ‘Flubber’!” exclaims Professor Brainard.

Philip’s flying robot, Weebo, looks concerned. “I think he has bones, and they break whenever he changes shape.”

Philip Brainard shakes his head. “No. Flubber is fine.”

- - -


Philip stretches Flubber into a thin sheet of goo. All of Flubber’s bones break. The snapping and cracking sound like a fireworks show.

“Hmm,” says Philip.

- - -


Professor Brainard grinds Flubber into a powder to create liquid Flubber. “The nozzle of this spray bottle is clogged,” he says.

“Maybe it is clogged with the bones of Flubber,” Weebo offers.

“No,” says Philip. “No, I don’t think it is that.”

- - -


“All right, boys,” says Philip. “I’m going to put Flubber on your shoes to help you win the basketball game.”

“Every time I step down, I hear crunches and screams,” says one of the basketball players. “Is that normal?”

“Yes, it’s fine,” says Philip, visibly sweating. “Nothing is more important than basketball.”

- - -


Philip covers a bowling bowl with Flubber, unaware that a spy is watching him. The bowling ball bounces away and hits the spy in the head at tremendous speed. The man survives.

“Are you alright?” His companion asks.

“Yes,” says the man. “But there is something mysterious at work here. That bowling ball was covered in the bones of a creature who cannot die.”

The man’s companion frowns and says, “We are lucky that we will one day know death.”

- - -


Flubber’s bones heal. Flubber enjoys the feeling of its bones knowing wholeness.

“Time to make a golf ball bounce around my house,” says Philip.

- - -


The robot Weebo is destroyed. With her dying breath, she tells Philip, “Whenever Flubber changes shape, its bones snap and break. Please stop forcing Flubber to become different shapes.”

Philip stares off into the middle distance for a few moments. “It is time for Flubber to bounce around the neighborhood,” he announces to an empty house.

- - -


“When Flubber dances, he should turn into maracas,” says Philip.

Flubber lies motionless on the ground, waiting for its bones to heal.

“I think Flubber is dead,” says Wilson Croft.

“No,” says Philip. “Flubber cannot die.”

Flubber sheds a single boneless tear.

- - -


Flubber is used to power Philip and Sara’s car, which they fly to Hawaii for their honeymoon.

“Flubber seems to be in pain,” remarks Sara.

“Flubber’s FINE,” Philip grunts through gritted teeth.

The car screams its way across the sky.