Withered greens, as if on receiving end of an acerbic bon mot from Oscar Wilde.

As old as the 1934 Lafite Rothschild on the wine list, and nearly as delightful, I suspect.

Foie gras!

Unbearable lightness of an over-exposed dining room. Recommend reading text in Czech to catch nuances lost in Heim translation.

Is that cilantro?

Heavy-handed port reduction = oversized sterling knife accompanying veal chops (Ha Ha).

Catalonian influences from the Languedoc Roussillion region of France. Check style guide for Languedoc Roussillion vs. Languedoc-Roussillion.

Cowering capers.

(Illegible scrawls and the word “bouillabaise.” Consult dining companion for clarification.)

Reservations not required, but may have some over dessert menu.

Canoodle and kugel. Explore.