New players are encouraged but not required to use microtransactions so they can start every match with an extra Bishop piece.

All pieces will now have a health bar, mana bar, and a resource bar.

In order to perform a castling move, the Rook and the King must have the Jetpack attribute equipped.

The Queen pieces are now offensively voluptuous, as in unrealistically buxom. This will not affect gameplay.

2v2 is available! The matchmaking algorithm will always pair a hardcore, serious chess player with a random teammate who dicks around, gets bored, and leaves halfway through the game.

Nobody liked using the Knight piece, so it’s been replaced by a Medic Unit that moves around the board reviving fallen pieces.

Taking three of your opponent’s pieces in a row results in a kill streak and double points.

Pawns are now able to snipe Bishop pieces from behind a bush.

Materials scattered around the chessboard can be used to build traps and obstacles.

It’s Fornite — chess is now Fortnite.